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Royal blue, crimson and pistachio paisley silk hankie

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Cool, soft green tones are in this spring, and this chic paisley hanky is an easy way to wear to pick up on a fashionable colour. It's printed on midnight blue with classic crimson and yellow highlights, too - so it will pair comfortably with classic suiting and sports coats. Try it with a navy blazer, a pistachio wool-silk-linen jacket, or an olive linen suit. You could even wear it in the the breast pocket of our beige linen safari shirt, with sage green linen Hollywood tops in a smart-casual setting.
A silk printed paisley pocket handkerchief is a sartorial Sexton classic. This season, ours come in a variety of vivid, quirky patterns that are perfect for injecting a sophisticated sense of fun into a tailored look. 100% Silk. 32x32cm