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Mid-Blue Bengal Stripe Tab Collar Slim-Fit Shirt with White Collar and Cuffs

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Elegant and understated, this blue Bengal stripe shirt is quintessentially 'Sexton' in character. The muted stripe adds a touch of interest to the shirt without overpowering it, whilst the white contrasting collar and cuffs lend an art deco flourish. As with all our shirts, the quality of finishing is paramount; we use single-needle French seams, stitch two subtle gathers at each cuff and on the shirt yoke for comfort and swell the edges of the collar and cuffs. The tab fastens under your tie and lifts it proud from the collar, combined with the contrast cuffs it creates a look that really means business.
Mid-Blue Bengal Stripe Slim-Fit Tab Collar Shirt All Edward Sexton shirts are in an elegant slim fit with:
  • Single stitched French seams
  • 9 stitches per cm
  • Mother of pearl buttons
  • Deep 9cm double cuffs
  • Swelled edges on the collar and cuffs
  • Lily stitched buttons for security with a shank for ease of fastening
  • Split yoke
  • In-set sleeves which keep the front of the shirt looking crisp
  • 100% cotton, machine washable
  • Removable collar bones
  • Supplied with plain navy silk knot cufflinks
  • Special orders available on request
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