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For the season, Edward Sexton has introduced a luxurious capsule of true seven-fold ties in collaboration with luxury Milanese tie-maker Bigi Cravatte. Made using an authentic, unlined seven-fold construction they are handrolled, hand-tipped and delicately slip-stitched in time-honoured tradition. The result is a tie that feels soft, three-dimensional and which sits comfortably on the neck. It holds an elegant dimple when knotted and recovers beautifully from a day’s wear. Playing with different textures is an important part of the Sexton aesthetic, so each of these ties is made from the best imported tussah silk woven in Italy. Tussah is a thick, soft silk yarn and lends a classic tie a contemporary, mottled quality – it’s perfect for relaxing a tailored look. Each design is unique to Edward Sexton and represents the pinnacle of the tie-makers’ art.
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